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The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is the most famous landmark

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is the most famous landmark

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is the most famous and probably the most photographed building of the city.

It is the most famous landmark of Berlin and a piece of German history. The Brandenburg Gate stood on the border in divided Berlin on the east side. Between the gate and the west was the Berlin Wall.
Since the Brandenburg Gate was thus in the restricted area, it could not be crossed either from the west or from the east. Today it is inconceivable that no people, except the GDR border guards, were able to see the Brandenburg Gate.

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The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

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The Brandenburg Gate is located in the Mitte district of Berlin. The Gate is an ideal starting point for many activities in Berlin.  When you go through the gate, you see the Victory Column. From above it you have a fantastic view. Or stroll through the Tiergarten. The Bundestag is 10 minutes away on foot. A Visit and a coffee at the Reichstag is always worth it. If you turn left from the Brandenburg Gate around the walk on the corner, you will pass the Holocaust Memorial and reach Potsdamer Platz. Also, in the immediate vicinity are the Brandenburg Gate Museum, Madam Tussauds and much more. With the 100 or 200 bus you will quickly reach Alexanderplatz.

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Das Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

Brief history Brandenburg Gade

King Frederick William II had commissioned the construction of the Brandenburg Gate, as a worthy conclusion to the magnificent avenue "Unter den Linden". From 1788 to 1791 it was built according to the design of Carl Gotthard Langhans.
In 1793 the Quadriga was put on top of the gate. In 1806, Napoleon stole the Quadriga once. Luckily, it was brought back eight years later by the victory of the Alliance.
Due to the Second World War, the Brandenburg Gate was heavily damaged and much had to be reconstructed. Also the Quadriga was damaged too much and was replaced by a copy.
Since the gate is in the former restricted area, it could not be visited for a long time.
Only on December 22, 1989, the Brandenburg Gate was opened by cheers of more than 100,000 people. Unfortunately, the Quadriga was so badly damaged by the unification celebrations and New Year's Eve 1989/90 that it had to be restored two years later.
For almost two years, the Brandenburg Gate was veiled, as it also had to be restored.
The gate was built of sandstone and due to the environmental exposure and neglect it was already badly damaged. In the year 2002 it could finally be solemnly revealed again. The Brandenburg Gate is an important monument in Berlin's backdrop scenery and is one of the top 10 in the city of Berlin. A photo in front of it is a must.


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Brandenburg Gate

Address: Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin  

Public Transport: S + U Bahn Brandenburger Tor (S1, S1, S25, U55), Bus 100, 200, 147 (S + U Bahnhof Brandenburger Tor)



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