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Berliner Philharmonie in Berlin

Berliner Philharmonie in Berlin

The mecca for all classic lovers! On the opposite side of the Sony Center is the Berlin Philharmonie.

Its extraordinary tent-like architecture, and its vibrant yellow color make it one of the most famous landmarks of Berlin. Its unusual form and the new conception of the concert hall now serves as a model for concert halls all over the world. Unlike classical concert halls, the orchestra sits in the middle of the room, circled by the audience. There are even seats behind the orchestra where the concertgoers can face the conductor. The folded walls and the tent-like ceiling give the audience a great sound experience on all 2,440 seats. Incidentally, the adjoining chamber music hall is the little brother of the Berlin Philharmonie, both architecturally and musically. Since the opening concert in 1882, the Berliner Philharmoniker has been playing there. It is one of the world's leading orchestras, as well as the only orchestra that chooses its own conductor. Since 2002 Sir Simon Rattle has been chief conductor of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Every tuesday, at 1 pm, there is a free "Lunch Concert" in the foyer of the Philharmonie. So, if you have a passion for classical music, you should definitely include the Philharmonie in your Berlin visit. It is a unique experience! If you can not find time, there is also the possibility to watch a livestream in the Digital Concert Hall.

Address: Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1, 10785 Berlin
Public transport: Bus: 200, M41 Station: Philharmonie, Bus: M41 Station: Philharmonie Süd, Bus: M48, M85 Station: Kulturforum


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