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TV Tower in Berlin

TV Tower in Berlin

It's hard to believe but the Berlin Television Tower is the tallest building in Germany and the fourth-tallest freestanding structure in Europe.

The TV tower towering over Alexanderplatz can be seen from afar. The tower is a landmark of Berlin. Many visitors and Berliners visit the TV tower. Take the high-speed elevator to the viewing platform or reserve a seat in the restaurant.

Reserve your ticket in advance. There is usually a long waiting time at the Berlin TV Tower.

TV Tower experience

Restaurant, Café, Disabled access, WiFi.


TV Tower in Berlin

Location & Sights nearby

The television tower is located in the Mitte district, in the former eastern part of the city of Berlin. It stands in the middle of Alexanderplatz. From there you can reach many sights of the city on foot. Besides many shops you will find hotels on the square, such as the Park Inn, the Fountain of Friendship between Nations, the House of Teachers and Congress Hall and the listed Berolinahaus.
Behind the TV tower is the Neptune Fountain. On the right is St. Mary's Church and on the left the Red Town Hall. There you have free WiFi (Outdoor).
A little further on stands the Berlin Cathedral. With its imposing dome, it is the "gateway" to the Museum Island. From there you can walk along the magnificent avenue "Unter den Linden" or take bus 100 to the Brandenburg Gate.


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History of the Berlin TV Tower

In 1952 the GDR was conceded only two television frequency ranges in Stockholm.The city of Berlin was characterized not to be equipped with a number of smaller channels. There were disturbances in television reception. It had to be built a powerful transmitter.

Originally the tower with a height of 130 meters was supposed to be in the Berlin Müggelbergen. The building was approved and construction works started. On 13 December 1955 the minister of interior Karl Maron called for an immediate halt to the construction. They had noticed that the tower was only eight kilometers from Berlin-Schönefeld airport and could jeopardize flight operations due to the height. Compromise efforts were unsuccessful and therefore the building was closed on November 15th 1956. Many other sites were discussed. Since the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1962 the cost blew, the transmitter was placed backwards. 1964 Walter Ulbricht ordered to built the TV tower at Alexanderplatz. The work was started immediately and in October 1969 the tower was inaugurated.

The Berlin TV Tower today

In the year of German reunification in 1990, the tower was supposed to be along with the Palace of the Republic. But many votes were against it and Federal Republic opted for the preservation of the television tower. The new operator, the German Telekom, has invested 50 million marks for the modernization of the tower.

The television tower is 368 meters high. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 203 meters. From there you have an outstanding view over the rooftops of Berlin. The restaurant is located one floor up. It rotates once in half an hour around its own axis. The TV Tower is one of the most popular attractions in Berlin and we affectionately call it the "Telespargel" ("tele-asparagus").

The TV Tower is one of Berlin's top 10 attractions.

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TV Tower in Berlin

Address: Panorama Road 1A, 10178 Berlin
Opening times: March to October 9 AM-Midnight; from November to February 10 AM-Midnight
Admission: 15,50 Euro, reduced 9,50 Euro
Public transport: S + U Alexanderplatz (S5, S7, S75, U5, U8, U2), Bus: 100, 200, 248 (S + U Alexanderplatz), N5, N65 (U Alexanderplatz) Tram: M2, M4 , M5, M6 (S + U Alexanderplatz)


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Tickets for the Berlin TV Tower


Priority entrance and restaurant in the Berlin TV tower

There you can dine for up to 2 hours. Enjoy the magnificent view over the city of Berlin. See the landmarks of the city such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag or the Berlin Cathedral. Take a look from the top of Alexanderplatz.
The restaurant "Sphere" is located 4 meters above the viewing platform.

from € 22,50   to offer 


Why wait at the long queue? With this ticket you walk straight to the observation deck of the Berlin TV tower. Enjoy a VIP dinner in the restaurant with a great view of the city of Berlin.

See the landmarks of the city such as the Berlin Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Museum Island.
You will be picked up personally at the foot of the TV tower and cimb up with the high-speed elevator. In the restaurant a specially set table is reserved for you. Enjoy a delicious two-course VIP dinner (main course and starter or dessert of your choice). A glass of sparkling wine will be served, two glasses of selected wine specially selected by your sommelier and unlimited mineral water.

from € 97,90   to offer 


Stroll past the queue and enjoy a VIP lunch in the Berlin TV Tower. From your window seat you have a fantastic view of the city of Berlin.

The special thing about the Sphere restaurant is that it spins around itself. Of course, the rotation is very slow. This way you will see every corner of Berlin. Look, from above, at Potsdamer Platz, the Reichstag, the Olympic Stadium and see the Brandenburg Gate.
For lunch, enjoy a 2-course menu (starter or dessert and main course), two glasses of wine selected by the sommelier, a hot drink and unlimited mineral water.

from € 58   to offer 


Save time and use the Fast Track access to the TV Tower Berlin.

In the Berlin TV Tower, one of the capital's most famous landmarks, you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the city skyline. Get the popular Fast Track tickets and just skip the queues without waiting.
With this ticket you enjoy priority admission. You will avoid long queues and climb, without waiting on seemingly endless lines of people, directly to the top of the tower at 203 to 207 meters in height.

from € 22,50   to offer 


Get your priority VIP entry into the TV tower to the panoramic floor including window seat.

The Berlin TV Tower is the tallest building in Germany. From a height of over 200 meters you can enjoy a fantastic view of Potsdamer Platz, the Brandenburg Gate, the cathedral and the Olympic Stadium. Enjoy a fantastic view over Berlin from over 200 meters!

from € 25,50   to offer 


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