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 Small oasis in the middle of the big city bustle - Teahouse Chén Chè

Small oasis in the middle of the big city bustle - Teahouse Chén Chè

In almost every street you can find a Vietnamese restaurant which sometimes hardly differ from each other.

In Berlin Mitte, near the Hackesche Höfe, hidden on a backyard, you will find one of the best Vietnamese restaurants that stands out from the rest. The tea house Chén Chè is visually a treat. When you enter the dining room, with its high ceiling and low hanging lamps, you almost feel like you are in Asia. The entrance area is also beautifully designed on the outside and provides a dreamlike atmosphere. The local decor, the pleasant scent and the huge glass containers filled with tea make this visit an unforgettable experience. Although usually full, you can always find a place. Incidentally, the upper floor is a bit quieter. The highlight is the bamboo garden, in summer you can sit comfortably in the bamboo-green courtyard.

The food is excellent and the service very friendly. The menu for main dishes is small, but quite varied by three regularly changing dishes. The rice plate on the lunch menu is worth a clear recommendation, everything is wonderfully fresh and high quality. Otherwise, there are also relatively many desserts and very delicious, exotic teas, unusual cocktail and coffee specialties that you do not get elsewhere. For example, I had a bittersweet tea last time. Not my new favorite tea, but the taste of a distant world, and all for a really fair price. A very nice place to relax in the evening for food and drink. A slightly hidden entrance, but worth the search.

Address: Rosenthaler Str. 13, 10119 Berlin
Opening hours: 12:00 - 00:00

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