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Your Go-to Thai-Restaurant in Berlin - Lemongrass

Your Go-to Thai-Restaurant in Berlin - Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a first-class Thai restaurant with a colorful, traditional atmosphere. Nowadays you can find a Thai restaurant

almost at every second corner in Berlin, but the really good ones are a bit difficult to find. Lemongrass however stands out with its relaxed atmosphere and delicious food, alone the name makes your mouth water. The staff is very friendly, and the menu offers many choices with top prices! At peak times, it can get crowded quickly, understandable, considering that the store is even so successful that right next door they opened a second Lemongrass restaurant. The Pad Thai (glass noodles) is really great, as it should be in a good Thai restaurant. However, the bun (beef rice noodle salad) and the green curry convinced me even more, highly recommended! Almost all dishes are also available with vegetarian tofu instead of meat. There is also homemade lemonade and traditional Thai desserts. It is a very good restaurant! If the hunger for Asian food comes soon, you should definitely consider the lemongrass! Enjoy your meal!

Lemongrass Essen


 Address: Simon-Dach-Strasse 2, 10245 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12: 00-00: 00


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