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 Ever tried Ramen?

Ever tried Ramen?

Have you ever eaten ramen? No, I do not mean these instant noodles where you have to pour hot water over it and

mix it with powder. I mean the Japanese noodle soup, which comes with various broths and delicious sides like meat, vegetables and boiled eggs. Until recently, Ramen have not been able to find so much appeal here, but I think the Berliners are starting to acquire a taste for it. New Ramen restaurants sprout from the ground, which have specialized exclusively in the sale of these soups.
One of these new stores I would like to introduce to you is "Hako Ramen". This restaurant actually only exists since October 2017, but it has already found its first regular guest. Me! Located on Boxhagener Strasse, in the heart of Friedrichshain, you will find here a core piece of Japanese cuisine. The restaurant itself is held in a auhtentic Japanese atmosphere. You can either sit at one of the tables in the nicely furnished back part, or there is the possibility to sit at a counter and watch the chefs at work, just like in Japan!
As I said, since this restaurant specializes in ramen, the menu is kept simple. You have the choice between 5 different soups. There are, for example, Shoyu-Ramen, whose broth is mainly flavored with Japanese soy sauce, or miso-ramen, in which a paste of fermented soybeans is flavor-determining. But my absolute highlight are the Tonkotsu-Ramen. They have a particularly strong taste, and the whiteish turbid broth, which is produced by the long boiling of porcine bones is striking. Oh, and do not forget to try Gyoza! These are delicious thinly rolled pieces of dough, stuffed with meat and vegetables, which are traditionally always ordered with Ramen.

 Hours: Monday - Sunday 17pm. to  10pm.

Adress: Boxhagener Str. 26, 10245 Berlin


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