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The Best Sushi in Town Berlin! - Sasaya

The Best Sushi in Town Berlin! - Sasaya

We found it! The best sushi in Berlin! Well, If many other Japanese eat here too, it’s a good sign.

This slightly unassuming and simple shop has a very nice and comfortable atmosphere from the inside. The seats at the counter offer you the opportunity to watch the master at work. Simply fascinating how quickly the sushi chef conjures up the sashimi! Traditionally, you can also sit on the tatami-mat-upholstered floor, or at a normal table. The waiting time is a bit long, the chef prepares the sushi for everyone all by himself, however, it is worth the wait! The sushi is 1: 1 comparable to what we know from Japan. The fish tastes as fresh as if it was caught yesterday; the taste of the fish unfolds very well. In addition to sushi, there are many other Japanese dishes and appetizers on the menu. The food is served on a noble marble tray. If you want the complete program, order a sake or tea. If you are planning to visit Sasaya on the weekend you should book in advance. As soon as the shop opens at 6:00 pm, guests are just pouring through the door. 10/10 for the best and most traditional sushi in the city! Enjoy your meal and enjoy your Japanese evening in Berlin!

Adress: Lychener Str. 50, 10437 Berlin

Opening Hours: Thu-Mon · 12: 00-14: 30, 18: 00-22: 30


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