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 Green Tea Café Mamecha

Green Tea Café Mamecha

Because of our close contact with the Japanese culture, of course,

the best Japanese Café Berlin has to offer can not be missing on our list. There is something about this easygoing and relaxed atmosphere the Japanese have a knack for, which you can enjoy in this cafe as well. The interior is authentic, you take your shoes off and sit down at a low table. The service perfectly represents the Japanese politeness, and at the counter there is really everything the green tea heart desires. From matcha cheesecake and matcha ice cream to matcha cookies and matcha rice cake, really everything you need is there. The Matcha-Latte tastes delicious by the way!

district: Berlin Mitte

Hours: Mon - Sun 12:00 to 7pm., Closed on Saturdays
Adress: Mulackstraße 33, 10119 Berlin


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