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The best Jazz-Night of your life, in a small bar called “The Hat”

The Unplanned Symphony: The Hat in Berlin

There exists a quaint, atmospheric Jazz Bar in the heart of Charlottenburg district in Berlin, known by the locals as "The Hat". Each night, as the sky dresses itself in dark shades, this unassuming place comes to life with enchanting jazz sessions commencing from 10 pm, and the bar itself welcoming patrons two hours earlier.

But what truly sets "The Hat" apart, is its refreshing deviation from the norm. At any given moment, the ambience can be amplified by a guest blending in with the music, bringing along their instrument to contribute to the harmonious melodies. A saxophone joining in, a piano following suit, all unplanned and improvisational – a testament to the pure love of jazz music.

This impromptu collaboration often transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, creating an evening that would etch itself into your memory for a lifetime. Moreover, the best part is, your entry to this magical experience is absolutely free.

So, if your evening doesn't hold any special plans, venture into "The Hat". Be part of this mesmerizing journey because who knows, you might find yourself in the middle of the best jazz session you've ever witnessed…

Address, opening hours…


Adress: Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 550, 10623 Berlin
Opening Hours: Open nightly from 8pm.


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