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Base Flying at Alexanderplatz

Base Flying am Alexanderplatz

There are enough ways to experience adventures in Berlin, but the ultimate adrenalin kick

is just to find at Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte. You won’t have to wait in line for the TV-Tower any longer to see the city from above! Nevertheless you can enjoy the same great view over the big city jungle on 125m hight before going all the way down on the probably fastest person winch system worldwide. This attraction is unforgettable and unique in Europe!

This is how it works:

Jochen Schweizer has made this idea suitable for the public after it was originally used in the field of stunts. Within seconds, a special grid winch system sends the Base-Flyer perpendicular down to earth. The participant, equipped with a climbing harness, is brought into position in a construction of steel ropes which run parallel from the roof towards the ground. By triggering the steering mechanism, through a staff member of Jochen Schweizer, the Base-Flyer swooshes down in a controlled manner.

If you check the website you can find pictures of how it works and you can also book your Base-Flying Ticket directly online. You can choose a fixed date or a blank ticket as a gift card.

Base flying is probably the fastest type of free-rapelling in the world and is unique to Berlin.
On this fast-moving journey you’ll experience the thrill of freefalling as well as enjoy a unique view over Berlin.

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There are also special offers like the “Happy Hour” where you’re flying during sunset or the “Night Flight” where you get a view over Berlin’s shimmering panorama at night. You can take the opportunity to experience those special views every Friday at sunset and between 20:00-23:00. In the package included is a “I did it” Shirt and a video of your flight so you won’t ever forget this once in a lifetime experience. So ready, set JUMP!


Adress: Park Inn Hotel, Alexanderpl. 7, 10178 Berlin


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