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5 exciting and relaxing bicycle tours through Berlin

5 exciting and relaxing bicycle tours through Berlin

Berlin is slowly but surely becoming a cycling city. Around 1,000 kilometers of bike way pass through Berlin already.

From the bike saddle, you get a good overview of our capital and still be in the frenzy of the city. You can discover not only the sights of Berlin but also many beautiful places outside the big city bustle. Here we have listed for you a colorful mix of five different bike tours through Berlin.

1. A sightseeing tour by bicycle

If you want to go around the city, you do not have to do it on foot. By bike, you can visit the sights and experience the history of the city just as easily, but from an interesting perspective. As a cyclist, you need a lot of attention in the city center, but you will be well rewarded for your courage. The tour takes approximately 1.5 hours. The starting point is the Alexanderplatz. We head west, to Museum Island and the Berliner Cathedral. If you like, you can park your bike here and visit one of the numerous state museums. Tickets are available here, among other things. Along the magnificent boulevard "Unter den Linden", you slowly approach the Brandenburg Gate, the landmark of the city. On the left and right, you can see magnificent buildings, such as the Staatsoper or Bebelplatz. Arrived at the Brandenburg Gate, you can first take a breather and enjoy the view. From Pariser Platz, you now have the option of driving to the left, towards the Sony Center and the Holocaust Memorial, or to the right to visit the government district, Tiergarten and Reichstag. Among our Berlin tours you will also find biking tours led by experienced guides. There you will have the opportunity to hear interesting stories about Berlin during your tour.


brandenburger tor16


2. Along the river Spree

A more relaxing trip by bike you can have by riding through Berlin's center along the Spree. The Spree tour begins in the east, in Treptower Park, and ends in Spandau. It takes about 3 hours. Of course, you can also start this route from the west side. At Treptow Park you can take a deep breath and watch the ships and paddlers from the Treptow harbor. Under the bridge Elsenbrücke, you can see the famous Molecule men from afar. Continuing along the Spree shore, you will come across the beautiful Oberbaum Bridge, which connects the city districts Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Here you can also stop by the Eastside Gallery, the longest open-air gallery in the world. Continue to the Museum Island. At the top of this island you cross the Spree and the Kupfergraben, here you have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Museum island and visit one or two museums. The route then continues along the Spree, direction Bahnhof Friedrichstraße and Reichstag. If you are still fit, you can drive on to the district of Spandau. Here the Spree flows into the Havel.




3. Around the Grunewald forest

A trip around the Grunewald is quite short, but a very nice bike ride that leads you directly to the outskirts of the city. In principle, it does not matter where you start. The paths in the forest area are well signposted, so you cannot get lost. In summer, this tour offers many opportunities for swimming and refreshment. You will meet the Teufelsee, the Wannsee and the beach Lieper bay. If you dare, you can even climb the Teufelsberg, from here you can have a marvellous view onto the city. Somehow you are in Berlin, but it seems like you are in a forest area in Brandenburg.


Grunewald Radtour Von Südkreuz zum Südkreuz


4. The Berlin Wall Tour

On the Wall Trail, remnants of the Berlin Wall can be discovered from the bicycle saddle. The course of the former Berlin Wall, around the former West Berlin area, follows a signposted historical theme path, which can be combined with a bike ride. Information about the construction and fall of the wall can be found at more than 40 stations. The approximately 160-kilometer-long route is divided into 14 individual sections, and can therefore be easily experienced in single stages of 5- 20 km. In addition, orientation plans help at regular intervals. Historically interesting sections alternate with scenic routes. The beginning and end of all stages can be easily reached by public transport. Bicycles are generally allowed on S and U-Bahn trains.


5. Trip to the Wannsee

 Bicycle tours on the numerous lakes in and around Berlin are particularly popular. In the midst of the green landscape, on the bike paths along the banks, the capital’s noise is quickly forgotten. A bike ride to Wannsee is one of the most beautiful that Berlin and its surroundings have to offer. There are many things to do around the Wannsee, no matter what the season.  If you want to experience the entire tour and also want to swim at the beach of Wannsee, you should be quite fit. The route is 28 km long and starts at the Schlossplatz in Berlin-Mitte and leads to the Wannsee and the Glienicke Bridge. Along the way you will meet the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt, the historic Checkpoint Charlie, and the famous Rathaus Schöneberg, where Kennedy spoke his legendary words "Ich bin ein Berliner". Further towards Wannsee, the landscape becomes more and more rural and leads to Berlin's first farm with underground connection of the Domäne Dahlem, then on to the Nikolassee and finally to Wannsee. Of course, you can also take the shortcut by using the public transport and get on your bike right in front of the lake and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.


Wannsee in Berlin


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