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Visit the Museum of Illusion in Berlin.

The Illuseum Berlin: Explore Illusions!

Delve into an extraordinary journey at the Illuseum Berlin, a unique world where reality is altered, and your senses are captivated. Welcome to a haven where age is irrelevant, and everyone who appreciates the mystique of illusion is cherished. Book your ticket now.

Entrance to the Illuseum Berlin - touching is expressly desired - buy a ticket for €14 HERE 

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Illuseum Berlin

This exhibition is designed to trigger your sense of touch, supporting the museum's philosophy that "you are an integral part of the museum and the illusion itself."

The Illuseum Berlin is a playground for the mind, filled with intriguing optical illusions that will stimulate your curiosity. It offers an interactive experience that intrigues both your mind and body. Here, you can challenge gravity, feel the ground vanish beneath you, and watch as your reflection expands and contracts.

Located in the heart of Berlin, this unique place provides a fresh and exciting escape from the daily routine. It's an experience that unites friends and family in the thrill of the unknown.

Step into a reality that shifts and distorts, where slate and infinite spaces, bewildering holograms, and an awe-inspiring tunnel await. Engross yourself in this world of illusions, let your senses be entranced, and lose yourself in the spectacle of the extraordinary.

The Illuseum also features innovative play areas, constructed from eco-friendly wooden toys. These areas are filled with compelling 3D puzzles and riddles that not only entertain, but also exercise your logical abilities. Indulge in this cerebral gymnasium – it's all too easy to spend an entire day in this mesmerizing hub of illusions.


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Illuseum Berlin - Ticket from €16

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From €16  Berlin: Illuseum Berlin Entrance Ticket - book here! 


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