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Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin

With an area of 160 hectares, the Berlin Zoo in the Friedrichsfelde district is the largest landscape zoo in Europe.

More than 7250 exotic animals live in a varied park landscape with a historic castle. Many will probably wonder why we have a Berlin zoo and an animal park. More about this at the end of the article.
You can also take part in guided tours at the Tierpark Berlin, celebrate the children's birthday, watch feedings and enjoy many events at the park. Besides the children's playground and restaurant, a visit to the Berlin Zoo is a nice day trip.

Zoo experience

Including children's playground, restaurant, snack bar, handicapped accessible, WiFi.


The Tierpark Zoo

Location & Sights nearby

The Berlin Zoo is located in Friedrichsfelde. You can visit Friedrichsfelde Castle, which is located on the grounds of the zoo.
Otherwise you will find many prefabricated buildings in the area. However, we would also like to recommend the "Hochhauspfad". A hike from high-rise to high-rise and from information board to information board. Learn more about the history of panel construction in the pre-war and GDR eras.
Not far from Berlin Zoo is the FEZ-Berlin, Europe's largest non-profit children's, youth and family centre.



History of the Berlin Tierpark

The foundation

Heinrich Dathe was the Manager of the Tierpark until he turned 80 years old in 1990.
The Tierpark evolved due to donations of animals by people of the city and by enterprises of the GDR. More animal-donations were sent from abroad, for example tigers from the Moscow zoo, wisents from the zoo Munich-Hellabrunn and two Asian elephants. The accommodation was provisorily in the beginning but the Tierpark kept on evolving. They built a rock construction for the bears and very spacious open-air compounds which are typical for the Tierpark.
The castle Friedrichsfelde reminds of the history of the site. The park got its shape by Peter Joseph Lenné, who rearranged the park in 1821. Typical for the park are wide alleys and natural finished forests. Sometimes it´s only a water moat that split the compound and the vistor.

The castle was built in 1695 with the former name castle Rosenfelde. Owners changed several times and rearranged the building. After WW II. the castle was abandoned many years and served as barns in the first years of the Tierpark. In 1970 the castle was completely renovated. What still remains from the original interior is the decorated wooden stairs and the stucco ballroom from 1785. The original furniture was lost so it was arranged with furniture from other castles. The castles opened doors again in 1981 and can be visited. It is also a venue for concerts and events.

So which animals can you find in the Tierpark? There are three big compounds for black bears , Andean bears and sun bears. A big area with a huge pond for the ice bears, they have a waterfall that is even working in winter. You can also find monkeys zebras, doves, wolves, alpacas, buffaloes, giraffes, hyenas and a children´s zoo. The penguins got two outside compounds and there´s a house for crocodiles.
The monkey house is quite big, 5300 square meters. You can also find a tropic house with a size of 1100 square meters, where you can find tropical birds and plants like bamboo, palm trees, coffee plants and rubber trees. The house of the carnivores has two big rock constructions inside.    

The Tierpark is the only zoo in Germany that owns Asian as well as African elephants. There are two open-air compounds around the elephant house. In 1999 the first elephant was born in the Tierpark, her name is Matibi.
There are sculptures decorating the park, a big playground for the small ones, a restaurant and a café.
It´s possible to take part of a guided tour through the park or watch the feeding of animals.

Photo Gallery

Berliner Tierpark

Address: Am Tierpark 125 10319 Berlin

Opening times: 01.01.-20.03.: 9 AM-4 PM; 21.03.-14.09.: 9 AM-6 PM; 15.09.- 25.10.: 9 AM-5 PM; 26.10.-31.12.: 9 AM-4 PM

Admission: 12 Euro, concessions 9 Euro

Transport: Bus: U Station Tierpark (U5), Am Tierpark / A.-Kowalke-road (194), Rummelsburger Straße / U Station Friedrichsfelde (194, 296, 396), Tram: Am Tierpark / A.-Kowalke Straße (27, 37, M17)


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