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Komische Oper Berlin with its Neo-Baroque Auditorium

Komische Oper Berlin with its Neo-Baroque Auditorium

The Komische Oper on the Behrenstraße in the district of Mitte, is among the German Opera and the State Opera the smallest of the three Berlin operas. However, the same cannot be said about its production quality. From the outside it seems rather inconspicuous, but from the inside, it looks as one imagines a classical opera.

A special feature of the building is the simply designed exterior facade and the modern foyer, which stand in stark contrast to the neo-baroque interior. As early as 1898, the famous Metropol Theater was located here. It was severely damaged during the Second World War, but as if by a miracle, the interior with its 1,190 seats remained virtually undamaged, resulting in the unique character of the building after reconstruction. Since the 1960s, it gained worldwide recognition as the birthplace of modern music theater. Since 2012 the Komische Oper has been passionately run by the Australian Barrie Kosky. Since then, the opera house has received several prizes, including “Opera House of the Year 2013” and the “Best Opera Company Award” at the 2016 International Opera Awards. The stage often features lesser-known pieces or gives well known ones a modern polish. The scenic action stands on equal footing with the music. Discreet displays on the spectator seats provide translations in German, English, French and Turkish. The neo-baroque auditorium and the imaginative productions take you into an unparalleled opera cosmos. Berlin also offers many other cultural attractions. For tickets please click here.

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Address: Behrenstraße 55-57, 10117 Berlin
Public transport: siehe: https://www.komische-oper-berlin.de/planen/anreise/


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