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Bode Museum on Museum Island in Berlin

Bode Museum on Museum Island in Berlin

You can see the dome of the Bode Museum from afar. Inside the dome is a hall of fame.

The baroque building in the Spree is impressively reflected. Two bridges had to be built to reach the entrance at the top. Behind the characteristic dome on the northern tip of Museum Island, the sculpture collection, the Museum of Byzantine Art, the Numismatic Collection and around 150 paintings from the Gemäldegalerie are presented. The Numismatic Collection is one of the largest numismatic collections in the world. The spectrum ranges from the beginning of coinage in Asia Minor to the present day. Inside the museum you will find a complex with five atriums. The collections are presented both geographically and chronologically, with Byzantine and Gothic art from Northern and Southern Europe on the first floor of the museum and a similar regional division of Renaissance and Baroque art on the second floor.

Bode Museum in Berlin

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The Bode Museum is located on the northern tip of Museum Island in the Berlin-Mitte district. Museum Island is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and offers an almost endless journey through our history and cultures of the world. Other museums on the island are the famous Pergamon Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Near East, the New Museum, the Old National Gallery, the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection (in the New Museum) and the Museum of Pre- and Early History (in the New Museum). Not far away is the lively Alexanderplatz and the 368 meter high TV tower.



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Brief history of the Bode Museum Berlin

The concept of the building, which was built as the Kaiser Friedrich Museum, goes back to ideas of Crown Princess Victoria, which she published in a memoir book from 1883. After all, it was Wilhelm von Bode who put these groundbreaking ideas into practice. In 1897, construction began on the Renaissance Museum designed by Eberhard von Ihne at the northern tip of the Museum Island. It took seven years before the Bode Museum was opened in 1904. The museum was first named after Emperor Friedrich III.
For the first time, painting and sculpture, at that time still called "high art", were presented on an equal footing, although their staging differed from traditional museums.
The museum was badly damaged during the Second World War and gradually restored between 1948 and 1986. In 1956, after its spiritual creator, it was given the name it has retained to this day: Bode Museum.

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Bode Museum in Berlin

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Address: Bode Museum, Monbijoustraße 3, 10117 Berlin
Opening times: Tue - Sun 10 – 18 hrs, Thu 10 – 20 hrs
Admission: 12 Euro, ermäßigt: 6 Euro
Public transport: S Oranienburger Straße: S1, S2, S25, S+U Friedrichstraße Bhf: S1, S2, S25, S3, S5, S7, S75, U Oranienburger Tor: U6, S+U Friedrichstraße Bhf: U6

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Visit the Bode Museum on Berlin Museum Island and marvel at the Museum of Byzantine Art and the Sculpture Collection. Explore the Münzkabinett, one of the largest coin collections in the world. Beneath the characteristic dome the museum presents a sculpture collection, the museum of Byzantine art, the coin cabinet and some 150 images of the picture gallery.

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The Old National Gallery is considered one of the most important museum architectures of the 19th century.
As one of the largest German collections of 19th century art, the Alte Nationalgalerie presents masterpieces by Caspar David Friedrich, Adolph Menzel, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir and Auguste Rodin, among others

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