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Kaffee A. Horn

Kaffee A. Horn

A cute little Cafe with the “Wow Effect!” Despite the menu being quite sparse, no matter what you choose,

the food tastes always great! Fresh bagels, pure or spread with everything possible, self-made muesli or heavenly vanilla yogurt. Your palate will be happily dancing !
A white coffee with that, and you will start to dance all day! Important to mention is that you can eat breakfast all day here. From 8 am for the early birds, until late afternoon, for the long sleepers.

district: Berlin Kreuzberg


Address: 10961 Berlin, Carl-Herz-Ufer 9
Hours: Monday to Friday at 8am. / Saturday and Sunday at 9am.
Price: 4,20 € to 11,20 €, coffee 1,90 €


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