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 How to have a BBQ party like a real Berliner

How to have a BBQ party like a real Berliner

The barbecue season in the parks of the big cities is starting again. Barbecuing is also a community experience in Berlin. In Germany barbecuing in public parks is allowed, especially in Berlin this gives the opportunity to invite friends and family to a big barbecue party.

Take a look at our blog "The 4 Best Public Barbecue Areas in Berlin! " In Germany, barbecues are often called "folk sport". First of all, the Berliners don't call it Barbeque, they call it "Grillen" (to grill). The vast majority of Berliners prefer the classic charcoal grill. Typical of the barbecue: The meat lies directly above the embers and is prepared relentlessly in a very short time. Compared to other countries, there is probably more sausage on the grill in Germany. The undisputed favourite is pork, followed by poultry and beef. And that's no accident. After all, most sausages are made from pork. And those sausages can be found on almost every grill in this country. And, of course, the finished sausages go with a nice, cool beer. So, all you need to do now is getting your disposable grill from any super market, buy your favorite kind sausage and beer, and off you go to the next good barbecue spot!

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