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 The best Currywurst in Berlin Curry 36.

The best Currywurst at the legendary Curry 36 at Mehringdamm Berlin

If you are looking for the best curry sausage in town, then visit Curry 36 on Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg Berlin.

This famous curry sausage stall is also known outside of Berlin and is already a real legend around here. The rush is enormous at any time of the day, the snack bar is simply equipped and there are only standing places, but the staff is fast and friendly. A fast meal that has existed since 1980. Especially popular is the homemade sauce, which is the taste of curry sausage. You can choose between all curry sausage variations (with/without intestine; single/double; as menu; etc.). Curry 36 is relatively easy to find. It is located directly next to the underground station Mehringdamm (U6). Besides the snack bar on Mehringdamm, a smaller version of the Curry36 can also be found at Hardenbergplatz, directly at Zoologischer Garten S-Bahn station. In any case, a visitor to Berlin should have eaten here once.


Address, Opening hours

Address: Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 05:00

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Just skip the line. Your ticket to the German Currywurst Museum in Berlin.

Visit the German Currywurst Museum in Berlin. Go on a discovery tour and learn from the exhibits about the invention of the Currywurst, its importance in film and television and its worldwide distribution. The entrance ticket includes a tasting offered at the museum's own "Currywurst in the Cup".

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