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 Enchantingly upscale fast food - Peter Pane in Friedrichstraße

Enchantingly upscale fast food - Peter Pane in Friedrichstraße

What used to be Hans im Glück is today Peter Pane.

The name obviously refers to the children's book character Peter Pan. Similar to the fairy tale, this Burger restaurant invites its guests to a culinary journey into a fantasy world. True to this motto you can find, for example, burgers with the name wild hog, fairy wings, panpipe or Eternal Child on the menu. Peter Pane is one of the largest and most visited burger restaurants in Berlin. You will really feel like you are in Neverland. The interior is designed with love: an impressive ceiling paneling made of curved wood, lots of vegetation and a beautiful terrace. Both, the burgers and the fries and also the salads are always tasty and fresh. Highly recommended is the combination with a cocktail in the evening.

Peter Pan 1

The burgers are upscale. For example, you can choose from three different types of bread, all of which are baked in a traditional family bakery. It is also possible for a small extra charge to order the delicious Black Angus Premium or Dry Aged Premium meat. If you want to refrain from meat, no problem, because there is also a wide range of vegetarian and vegan burgers. There is definitely nothing to complain about here. The burgers taste excellent and the prices are absolutely acceptable for this quality (considering the location on the Friedrichstrasse).

Address: Friedrichstrasse 101, 10117 Berlin
Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 11:00 - 00:00

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