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 The Horse Race Track Mariendorf in Berlin

The Horse Race Track Mariendorf in Berlin

For the horse lovers, a must, for those of you who are into Formula 1 and at the same time enjoy the zoo, it is also worth a recommendation. The “Trabrennbahn Mariendorf” is one of the largest and most visited horse racetracks in Germany. The nice thing about this racetrack is that you do not have to go through the main entrance, but can also enter the stables through the back.

This gives you an interesting insight behind the scenes, and, you can pet many horses!
At the main tribune, you can see countless people with their notes and pencils in their hands. There are also many Bratwurst vendors, but also larger restaurants right next to the track. At an important tournament, it can be difficult to get a spot; however, every seat has a good view of the race and the giant screens next to the tribune. If you know little about betting, like us, then it will be difficult to make sense from all these numbers on their screens. However, the pleasant people from the betting office explained everything.
We had a lot of fun, especially because so many things were new to us. For a short day trip, very recommendable! If you have something else to experience, and if you are afterward, you want to win some money with some luck. Our horse unfortunately made it only to the second place.

Address ...


Address: Mariendorfer Damm 222, 12107 Berlin


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The Horse Race Track Mariendorf in Berlin


The Horse Race Track Mariendorf in Berlin1


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