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Little Saigon in Berlin - The Dong Xuan Center

Little Saigon in Berlin - The Dong Xuan Center

Many probably don’t even know it, but in the middle of East Berlin the largest Asian market of the city is located

on 200 hectares comprising six market halls. Shortly after the reunification many unemployed Vietnamese contract workers returned to their homeland. However, many Vietnamese stayed and built up their own little Saigon. The Dong Xuan Center is, so to speak, the epicenter of the Vietnamese community of Berlin. The market halls have become a piece of home for them. Here you can hang around with friends and drinks tea together, or you can visit a cheap hairdresser. The market also since become even an attraction point for sightseeing tours.
There is a lot of Asia inside this big room. About 250 dealers from Vietnam, India, China, Turkey and Pakistan have settled in the halls. The halls are very busy. Once you get inside, it may seem a bit irritating at first, so you need a few moments until you can enter into another world. The center is really big and has its own character and charm. In the very clean halls, bargain hunters can find good deals on textiles and electrical stuff. Exotic wholesalers and retailers sell flowers, jewelry and watches, housewares and other consumer goods. Haggling is possible! You can even buy food here. As far as services are concerned, there are also other hairdressers, nail stylists, masseurs and tattoo studios. You can also eat here very well, that is definitely a must when visiting the center!
Never seen food, a new hairstyle for 6 euros, great souvenirs or just junk, you can find everything in here! If you are looking for cheap goods, you are exactly right, and cheaper is not always worse!

Where: Herzbergstraße 128-139, 10365 Berlin
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00


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