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 By bike through Berlin - rent your "Roadster" for 10 €

By bike through Berlin - rent your "Roadster" for 10 €

Berlin has become a bicycle city by now.

Many Berliners and tourists use the "Drathesel" (Wire Donkey) now as much as the car or the public transport.
Is there a better way to get to know the city as by bicycle? With a beautiful breeze and the sun shining in your face, being environmentally friendly of course, without making your feet tired - so you could easily get from the Brandenburg Gate to the Alexanderplatz. Since Berlin is more flatland, you do not have to climb any big mountains.
Berlin bike paths, guided tours or velotaxi take you through the popular Berlin areas or into the green parks inside or outside of Berlin.
You can make your way through Berlin and experience history on the 160 km long "Mauerradweg" (wall bike road), which takes you along the last pieces of the Berlin Wall!
Alternatively, you can set your own goal. It is quite simple.
Here you can place yourself on you.
You can start your bike-Berlin adventure.

Book your bike here for 10 €!
Stress-free and relaxed exploring Berlin by bike. 24 hours cycling for 10 euros.

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