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Rixpop Musikfestival Neukölln

Rixpop Musikfestival Neukölln on the 12th of August 2016

On 12. August at 18:00 the FREE Open Air takes place in Berlin. It is part of the series of events

“Rixpop Musikfestival Neukölln”. This time we present you MAWN from the genre Indi/Electro Pop “Deep inhalation of breath, immediately after waking up, or recovering from sleeping.” Next on stage will be Dana Shanty & The Pirate Orchestra um 20:00 from the genre Experimental Soul/Pop/Jazz

Rixpop Music Festival in Neukölln takes the opportunity to present the musical potential of the district and its artists which shell be made more accessible through the festival. The Berlin music scene is moving towards Neukölln since several years now and with this movement it’s also growing. Among the artists are national musicians and cultural workers and also a big number of internationals from all parts of the world. The festival counts many events and dates. The location varies depending on the event but will take place within the district of Neukölln.

Also don’t forget to better book tickets online for a concert of this series. It doesn’t only guarantee you a space but is also convenient as you just send an email to the team with the event and number of people attending and you will receive a confirmation telling you to pick up and pay the ticket at the location. On top of that you can also save a few euros. Super simple, right?

The RIXPOP MUSIC FESTIVAL NEUKÖLLN takes place between 04.08.2016 - 10.09.2016 and offers a broad collection of concerts and other interesting events.


Address for this concert:
Alfred-Scholz-Platz, 12043 Berlin

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