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The Douhaou Festival on 12. December in Berlin

The Douhaou Festival on 12. December 2018 in Berlin

For all of you generally interested in culture and literature, this event guarantees an interesting insight

into the canon of African literature and invites you to taste an international buffet. By the way, Douhaou is Malinke, a West African language, meaning "luck". At 4:30 pm on 12.12. begins the cozy arrival at the Africa library in Reinickendorf. You can then browse the bookshelves and get an idea of the immense diversity of African literature. At 5:00 pm the reading begins with works by African authors. Acele Nadale, founder of the magazine "Afroliveresque", will then read excerpts from the must-reads of African literature and tell you interesting things about it. Afterwards you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and try African delicacies at the international buffet. So, if you cannot think of any big African works right now, this may change soon! Expand your horizon and visit the Douhaou Festival! You do not have this opportunity every day!

When: 12.12.2017 16:30 clock
Where: Africa Media Center, Großkopfstraße 6, 13403 Berlin
Admission: free


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