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28th Märchentage in Berlin - from November 9 to November 26, 2017

28th Märchentage in Berlin - from November 9 to November 26, 2017

"Love is a heavenly power" is the motto of this year's “Fairytale Days” in Berlin.

Particularly nowadays, in times of unrest and conflict, this festival would like to bring love to all Berliners, and especially to their children. In the areas of interpersonal, as well as in music, art and literature, love is brought closer through familiar and unknown fairy tales, legends, myths and stories. From March 9th to 26th, 2017 Märchenland will be presenting the Berliner Märchentage for the 28th time. By the way, it is the biggest fairytale festival in the world!

If you assume that this is a pure children's event, you are wrong! The Fairytale Days offer narrative art for children and adults alike. With 1,200 theatrical performances, narrative events, concerts, lectures, the beautiful fairy tale market, many interesting exhibitions and much more, the festival is suited for everybody. It takes place in several places, such as libraries, bookshops, schools, concert halls and theaters all over Berlin. For example, let yourselves and your children be read a few fairy tales to by politicians, or read fairy tales from Eastern Europe and from Spain at "Liebes-Märchen International". A special highlight is November 15, when the President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation invites you to Villa von der Heydt.

As part of the event, pupils are asked to create their own fairy tales according to a given theme. There will be a jury of experts, including children's books authors, teachers and decision-makers from federal ministries. The twelve most beautiful fairy ballads and pictures are then published together in a fairy tale calendar and awarded with prizes. The highlight of the festival is the festive award ceremony of the Golden Pea. So get ready for a fantastic fairy tale journey where love is at the center!

When: November 9 - November 26

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