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Huxleys Neue Welt

Huxleys Neue Welt

The name came later, first the Huxleys was just called „ New World“. The place has a long history.

Already in 1867 it they started a beer garden there. First mentioned in the newspaper “Vossische Zeitung”. The restaurateur Sternecker took over the place. Two days later they were having the first concert. Back then it was military bands playing. They were having an “indian hall”, a big pond, a hippodrome and an open air manége on the area of the “New World”. Special atractions were an electric train built by Werner von Siemens. The big hall opened around 1900 and had space for about 2000 people. It was used for theatre plays, political assemblies, big Christmas or summer parties. In 1910 a puppet theatre, a photo studio a wave slide and a water slide were added. One event became really famous, it was the annual beer fest.
During the WW1 it was used as a hospital and during the Nazi era, no more concerts were taking place there, only political assemblies. After the bombings in 1945 it couldn´t be used and reopened in 1946, having movie screenings, boxing fights and again the annual beer fest.
Owners changed several times and in 1956 Karl-Heinz Kuhnert became the owner and built a bowling hall. In the 60ies Beat, Pop and Rock music took over the Huxleys and a lot of artists played on their stage, to mention the firsts concerts of Jimi Hendrix. In 1982 it had to be closed for renovations, but they couldn’t keep historic appearance. Between 1985 and 1990 it was a roller skating disco called “Roller Skater Center Neue Welt”.
Since then the actual name “Huxleys Neue Welt” established. The enterprise Trinity Music invested and renovated a lot the last years and the Huxleys became a venue with great sound and light equipment. A platform was built, so that it´s possible to put chairs in parts of the hall. The kitchen is quite big so that catering is possible for a big amount of people. Now it´s a multifunctional center for concerts, parties, culture and assemblies.                                 

Adress: Hasenheide 107, 10967 Berlin


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